About Us

Hey-dudes.us launches a limited-edition wooden shoe built for comfort. Through an innovative manufacturing technique, this wooden shoe highlights the possibilities of reusing existing resources instead of newly harvested wood. Because of the continued damage deforestation causes to our planet and the animals affected, a portion of sales from each shoe will be donated to the Kiwis for kiwi to protect one kiwi bird for a year. The Most Comfortable Wooden Shoe Ever? A limited-edition wooden shoe built for comfort by Hey-dudes.us "Hey Dude Shoes is more than a shoe company, but also a brand dedicated to creating social awareness on challenges facing our society in hopes of leaving a better future for the next generation." Through this dedication, the mission to develop an eco-friendly shoe that was also sustainable and artistic in design became a major focus. Hey-dudes.us took the most popular Wally style and built the outside from innovative farmed flex-wood material creating an incredible texture combined with their signature comfort. This vision paired with an ingenious wood processing procedure and hand-selected veneer gave birth to the first shoe made out of reclaimed walnut wood that is free from toxic chemicals.